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Please use April 2011 as an example.
During this month you can get these items by trading Fish:

*Note: After you rescued Mitsuo Kubo

Monday 08/01 Edit

Tuesday 08/02 Edit

Wednesday 08/03 Edit

  • Call from Ai (relationship only).

Thursday 08/04 Edit

  • You can buy "Changing Careers" from the bookstore for 1500 yen.
  • Fusion Forecast: Skill change.

Friday 08/05 Edit

Saturday 08/06 Edit

Sunday 08/07 Edit

Monday 08/08 Edit

Tuesday 08/09 Edit

Wednesday 08/10 Edit

Thursday 08/11 Edit

Friday 08/12 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Bonus stats.
  • Some of the activities in the evening is prohibited.
  • Last day to finish Void Quest

Saturday 08/13 Edit

Sunday 08/14 Edit

Monday 08/15 Edit

Saturday 08/20 Edit

Sunday 08/21 Edit

  • Ai Ebihara will call you to hang out (Obtained "The Divine Way" book)
  • Answer to Ai Ebihara: I wish to be getting closer to you. (+ Moon)
  • The Sun Social Link may also call you instead of Ai. You will still receive the book but gain + Sun.

Monday 08/22 Edit

Tuesday 08/23 Edit

Wednesday 08/24 Edit

Thursday 08/25 Edit

Friday 08/26 Edit

Saturday 08/27 Edit

Sunday 08/28 Edit

Monday 08/29 Edit

  • You will be working on your homework for the Daytime.
  • It's the last evening you help Nanako Dojima with her homework.
  • Answer to Nanako Dojima: It stopped raining by then. (+ Justice)

Tuesday 08/30 Edit

Wednesday 08/31 Edit

  • All the day time unavailable.