Please use April 2011 as an example.

During this month you can get these items by trading Fish:

Wednesday 06/01 (Cloudy) Edit

  • From today on you can get a free Bait in Dojima Residence every non-rainy day
  • You can buy "Forever Macho" for ¥1,200 at bookstore
  • You can spend time with Dojima to get some random items

Thursday 06/02 (Cloudy/Rainy) Edit

Friday 06/03 (Rainy) Edit

Saturday 06/04 (Rainy) Edit

Sunday 06/05 (Sunny) Edit

Monday 06/06 (Sunny) Edit

Tuesday 06/07 (Rainy) Edit

Wednesday 06/08 Edit

Thursday 06/09 Edit

Friday 06/10 Edit

Saturday 06/11 Edit

Sunday 06/12 Edit

  • Yukiko Amagi will call you. If you decline, you still can make Social Link with her at the Shopping District South or Yosuke Hanamura at Junes or Kanji Tatsumi at Shopping District North
  • Tanaka's Amazing Commodities: Fire Surpressor + H.. x2 for ... or Balm of Life + Curse Paper x4 for ...
  • You can make lunch for tomorrow (smash them while still hot, bait x3)
  • Fusion: Create the Persona Incubus = Null Ice added

Monday 06/13 Edit

Tuesday 06/14 Edit

  • Evening time unavailable
  • Fusion: Bonus stats

Wednesday 06/15 Edit

Thursday 06/16Edit

  • After school unavailable (grocery trip to Junes)

Friday 06/17 Edit

Saturday 06/18 Edit

  • School Camp

Sunday 06/19 Edit

Monday 06/20 Edit

Tuesday 06/21 Edit

Wednesday 06/22 Edit

  • After School time unavailable
  • Recommend Ganmodoki (+Magician)
  • Evening time unavailable

Thursday 06/23 Edit

Friday 06/24 Edit

  • Star Social Link established
  • Collect information about Rise Kujikawa: first, ask Marukyu Tofu shop at Shopping District South. Then ask Rissette fan at the Practice Building 2F. Then ask Kind man at Samegawa Flood Plain.
  • Fusion: Skill change

Saturday 06/25 Edit

  • Collect information about Rise Kujikawa: Trade information with the Photographer at Samegawa Flood Plain. That's the end of it. You can report to Teddie.
  • Fusion: Bonus stats

Sunday 06/26 Edit

Monday 06/27 Edit

  • Answer: Hatred and jealousy. (+Knowledge)
  • Empress Social Link may be established in the Velvet Room
  • There's a side dish from Junes in the fridge (No effect)
  • Fusion: Skill change

Tuesday 06/28 Edit

Wednesday 06/29 Edit

  • None events
  • Look for bubbles on top + 5 bait (No lunch)
  • Cut a hole and look for juice + 3 bait (Lunch)

Thursday 06/30 Edit