"At Junes, everyday is Customer Appreciation Day. Come see for yourself, and get in touch with our products! Every day's great at your Junes!"
—Junes commercial

Junes Department Store (ジュネス, Junesu) is a location in Persona 4, located at the rural town of Inaba. It is run by Yosuke Hanamura's father.


  • Music: "ジュネスのテーマ" (Junes' Theme)

Junes Department Store started business about one year before the arrival of the Protagonist in Inaba. A shopping mall of sorts, it had everything that can cater to the household in Inaba. This had an effect on the businesses in the Central Shopping District, where most of the shops had closed down, among others the Pharmacy and the Hobby Shop.

Reactions are mixed with the arrival of Junes; most of the older residents blame Junes for the closed shops in the district, going so far as blaming Junes for the erratic weather and even the murders and kidnappings in Inaba. The younger generation, though, is more welcoming to Junes - Nanako Dojima in particular enjoyed singing the Junes jingle and is always looking forward to a visit there.

Junes is a significant place for the Investigation Team; the food court serves as their "Special Headquarters." Their initial trek to the Midnight Channel takes place in a large screen television in the electronic department, which serves as their gateway into the "other side" from then on.

Within the story, once Teddie finds his resolve, he leaves the Midnight Channel and begins residing in the human world. To avoid suspicion, Teddie becomes the mascot of Junes, attracting kids to the shopping mall. When he obtains a human form, Teddie works as a retail staff in Junes. The protagonist may also work in Junes, earning money but at the expense of a week's time.

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