To make this dungeon available, talk to students at the school to know about a big fan that appeared the next day. Then talk to grandma at the tofu store. The Next day, talk to the fat kid who is a fan of Risette (No offense). Talk to the paparachi guy at the river bank, pick 2 of the options and dungeon is now open after talking to Teddie.

There are eleven floors in Marukyu Striptease. It's best to train on floors 1 to 5 to level up enough. When you reach 7 floor, Rise-chan will turn off the light making it a little hard to see. I trained on this floor until my party was level 29 and could easily survive. If you see beetles, don't use physical attacks on them or they will repel against you. If you encounter babys with leafs on their heads and hands. Take out their hands before they use their spell to make physical attacks repel. If you have the upper hand, use elemental spells or physicals attack like gale strike, and rampage before they have the chance to respond.

Amorous Snake

Hp: 999

The Mini boss is a snake-looking creature that will use spells that make it easier to hit everybody. Then it will keep using virus wave which can poison you, but it usually doesn't happen to all of the party members. You can guard the attack if you want, or attack it. Its weakness is fire, so use its weakness against it then use an all-out attack.

Floor 9-10: You can encounter Sky balance enemies which are the same as the beetles. Use any spells other than physicals attacks. Once you level up enough, you are ready for the bosses on the 11th floor.

Floor 11: You can save or return to the entrance with the butterfly circles. Once you're ready to go on ahead, open the door and face your tough foes.

Boss: Shadow Rise

Hp: 2800

She's not hard, heal when you get the chance. Once she scans you, defend yourself and your party for 3 turns and you're done with her and onward to the next boss.

Boss: Shadow Teddie

Hp: 5000

Don't use ice on him, heal if you need to. If he uses mind charge, defend the character who is weak to ice or switch persona if it's the protagonist. It will use attacks that make your party members dizzy usually. It will use ultra charge. The 2nd turn after, he will use ultra charge, defend all party members to block out it's powerful attack. Keep attacking him with whatever you have that does the most damage until it falls.

You can come back here to take on the bonus boss anytime after saving Rise and Teddie.

(Please use Steamy Bathhouse as an example)

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