Please use April 2011 as an example.

During this month you can get these items by trading Fish:

Sunday 05/01 (Cloudy) Edit

Monday 05/02 (Rainy) Edit

Tuesday 05/03 (Cloudy/Sunny) Edit

Wednesday 05/04 (Sunny) Edit

Thursday 05/05 (Sunny) Edit

  • You will explore the city, you can go to the Junes's grocery department and buy Tater Longs or the Yosoinaba Station and buy TaP Soda. Finally you will go automatically to the Shrine
  • Hermit Social Link established
  • Fusion: Skill Change

Friday 05/06 (Cloudy) Edit

Saturday 05/07 (Rainy) Edit

Sunday 05/08 (Cloudy) Edit

Monday 05/09 (Cloudy/Sunny) Edit

  • The Midterm exams begin
  • 8 AM
  • Before Christ

Tuesday 05/10 (Cloudy) Edit

  • 6
  • Millennium

Wednesday 05/11 (Sunny/Cloudy) Edit

  • Rene Descartes.
  • Mt. Olympus.

Thursday 05/12 (Cloudy) Edit

Friday 05/13 (Cloudy) Edit

Saturday 05/14 (Rainy) Edit

  • After school time unavailable
  • Grass in the fridge (+ Courage)
  • A man silhouette appears on Midnight Channel
  • Fusion: Bonus stats

Sunday 05/15 (Rainy/Cloudy) Edit

  • Daytime unavailable
  • The silhouette of Kanji Tatsumi appears on Midnight Channel
  • Yosuke will ask you for which of the girls you like, if you say both you will increase your Understanding by saying neither you will increase your Courage

Monday 05/16 (Cloudy) Edit

  • After school time unavailable
  • Chilled Gulping Melon Cream Soda in the fridge (No effect)

Tuesday 05/17 (Sunny/Cloudy) Edit

Wednesday 05/18 (Sunny) Edit

Thursday 05/19 (Sunny) Edit

Friday 05/20 (Sunny) Edit

Saturday 05/21 (Cloudy) Edit

Sunday 05/22 (Cloudy) Edit

Monday 05/23 (Rainy/Cloudy) Edit

Tuesday 05/24 (Cloudy/Sunny) Edit

  • There is food in the fridge for cooking
  • You will receive your order from Tanaka
  • Fusion: Use the Persona Andra in fusion, Bonus Wind skill

Wednesday 05/25 (Sunny) Edit

Thursday 05/26 (Cloudy) Edit

Friday 05/27 (Cloudy) Edit

Saturday 05/28 (Rainy/Sunny) Edit

Sunday 05/29 (Cloudy) Edit

Monday 05/30 (Cloudy) Edit

Tuesday 05/31 (Cloudy) Edit