Naoto Shirogane, also known as the Detective Prince, is a first year at Yasogami High and the last person to join the Investigation Team. 

Naoto's initial persona is Sukuna-Hikona and their evolved persona is Yamato-Takeru. Naoto's personas specialize in light and dark skills.

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Shadow Edit

Naoto’s shadow reveals that Naoto is insecure about being treated like a child, and that Naoto is female. Naoto explains that they were presenting as male in order to be taken more seriously by the police department. Even after accepting their shadow, Naoto continues to wear the boy’s school uniform. 


Naoto's parents died in a car accident when Naoto was still very young, and Naoto's grandfather has looked after Naoto ever since. Naoto admires their grandfather, mother and father as they were all skilled detectives, and aspires to follow in their footsteps.

Social Link Edit

You can increase your Fortune social link by spending time with this character.