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Please use April 2011 as an example.

During this month you can get these items by trading Fish:

  • Genji Ayu x 10 = Red-Leaf Gusoku
  • Red Goldfish x 6 = Bead Chain
  • Inaba Trout x 2 = Chest Key
  • Amber Seema x 2 = Bait x 3

Tuesday 11/01 Edit

  • Answer to Mr. Kondo: The answer involving your back (+ Knowledge).
  • You can buy book "The Final Lesson" for 1500 yen.
  • Fusion Forecast: None.
  • You can make lunch for tomorrow.

Wednesday 11/02 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Use the Persona Cerberus in fusion = Bonus stats, Samarecarm added.
  • There's an iced coffee in the fridge (you will go to bed early).

Thursday 11/03 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Bonus S. Link EXP, Skill change.

Friday 11/04 Edit

  • Answer to Mr. Hosoi: It excretes toxins (+ Magician, + Expression).
  • Fusion Forecast: Bonus stats.
  • Evening time not available.
  • Someone appeared on Midnight Channel.

Saturday 11/05 Edit

  • All day time not available.
  • Nanako is missing.

Sunday 11/06 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: None.

Monday 11/07 Edit

  • Answer to Mr. Yamada: The south pole (+ Knowledge).
  • Fusion Forecast: Skill change.

Tuesday 11/08 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Create the Persona Daisoujou = Mind Charge added.

Wednesday 11/09 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Skill change.

Thursday 11/10 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: None.

Friday 11/11 Edit

  • Answer to Ms. Kashiwagi: Koch (+ Knowledge).
  • Fusion Forecast: Bonus stats.

Saturday 11/12 Edit

  • Quest 50: Revenge of Riddle Senpai! (Requested by funky student in Classroom Building 3F). Answer: "Group B.", "The way they're drawn.", "Promethium.", "Need."
  • Fusion Forecast: Use a Persona of the Magician Arcana in fusion = Bonus Elec skill, S. Link EXP.

Sunday 11/13 Edit

  • Shopping program: Reisen Brace x 1 + Diet Food x 2 = 19800 yen or Nice Shoes x 1 + Red Battlesuit x 1 = 19800 yen.
  • Fusion Forecast: Bonus stats, skill change.

Monday 11/14 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: None.

Tuesday 11/15 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Create the Persona Siegfried = Enduring Soul added, Bonus stats.

Wednesday 11/16 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: None.

Thursday 11/17 Edit

  • Answer to Mrs. Nakayama: A gamble (+ Magician, + Knowledge).
  • Quest 40: Experiments in Telepathy, Part 2 (Requested by older twin at Shopping District, South).
  • Fusion Forecast: None.

Friday 11/18 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Bonus stats.

Saturday 11/19 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Create the Persona Nebiros = Ali Dance added, Bonus S. Link EXP.

Sunday 11/20 Edit

  • Shopping program: Angel Skirt x 1 + Diet Food x 2 = 59800 yen or Soma x 1 + Amrita Soda x 4 = 19800 yen.
  • Fusion Forecast: Bonus stats.
  • The fog will set in tonight, so you have to watch Midnight Channel.

Monday 11/21 Edit

  • After school time not available.

Tuesday 11/22 Edit

  • Answer to Mr. Yamada: The Patagonian Ice Field (+ Knowledge).
  • Quest 43: The Girl on the Rooftop, Part 2 (Requested by Male student in your Class 2-2).
  • Quest 44: Desk Refurbishing, Part 4 (Requested by Homely student in Practice Building, 2F).
  • Quest 45: Acquire an Old Ore (Requested by Male student in Practice Building, 1F).
  • Quest 46: Acquire a Modest Lamp (Requested by Refreshed old man at Riverbank the of Samegawa Flood Plain).
  • Fusion Forecast: None.

Wednesday 11/23 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: None.

Thursday 11/24 Edit

  • Answer to Mrs. Nakayama: Six (+ Knowledge).
  • Fusion Forecast: Create the Persona Kartikeya = Angelic Grace added.

Friday 11/25 Edit

  • Answer to Mr. Hosoi: It's the last chance (+ Knowledge).
  • Fusion Forecast: None.

Saturday 11/26 Edit

  • Answer to Mr. Kondo: X'mas (+ Knowledge).
  • Fusion Forecast: Create a Persona of the Magician Arcana = Marakukaja added.

Sunday 11/27 Edit

  • No Shopping program.
  • Fusion Forecast: None.

Monday 11/28 Edit

*** Your second term finals begins today and continue until the weekend.

** Finals, day one:

  • Question 1: Which of the following prefixes means the number eight? Answer: Oct.
  • Question 2: Which muscles are weakening when you tend to rest your chin in your hands? Answer: The back to the shoulders.

Tuesday 11/29 Edit

** Finals, day two:

  • Question 1: What important role does facial hair play for your body? Answer: It excretes toxins.
  • Question 2: The Patagonian Ice Field is located between which two countries? Answer: Chile and Argentina.

Wednesday 11/30 Edit

** Finals, day three:

  • Question 1: What's the origin of the word "wedding"? Answer: A gamble.
  • Question 2: Who wrote the play, "Othello"? Answer: William Shakespeare.

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