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Please use April 2011 as an example.

During this month you can get these items by trading Fish:

  • Huge Fish x 4 = Titanium Wrench
  • Huge Fish x 3 = Eagle Eye
  • Inaba Trout x 1 = Chest Key
  • Red Goldfish x 1 = Bait x 3

Saturday 10/01 Edit

  • Quest 35 available: Desk Refurbishing, Part 3 (From female Homely student in Practice Building 2F).
  • Fusion Forecast: User a Persona of the Hermit Arcana in fusion = Bonus Recovery skill, S. Link EXP.

Sunday 10/02 Edit

  • Chie will call you to hang out. If you decline, you still can make S. Link with her, Yosuke, Rise, Kanji, or Old Lady.
  • Shopping program: Peach Battlesuit x 1and Wasabi Jelly x 2 for 29800 yen or Red Goldfish x 10 and Baits x 10 for 9800 yen.
  • You can make Tender Pork Kakuni for lunch tomorrow. Answer: Mirin, sugar, sake.

Monday 10/03 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Skill change.

Tuesday 10/04 Edit

  • Mr. Kondo: 0.5 liters (+ Knowledge)

Wednesday 10/05 Edit

  • Mr. Yamada: The green pigment ages (+ Magician, + Expression)
  • Last day to save Naoto
  • Evening time unavailable

Thursday 10/06 Edit

  • After school time unavailable
  • There's some shortcake in the fridge. (Nothing happens)

Friday 10/07 Edit

  • After school time unavailable

Saturday 10/08 Edit

  • Mr. Kondo: teacher (+ Knowledge)

Sunday 10/09 Edit

  • Shopping program: Nice Shoes x 1 + Wasabi Jelly x 2 = 28800 yen or Huge Fish x 2 + Dry Ice x 4 = 19800 yen.
  • Quest 33: Acquire Fine Coal (Requested by the Loud old man at the Shopping District, North) (Secret Lab, B7-8).
  • Quest 38: A Twin's Independence (Requested by the younger twin at the riverbed of the Samegawa Flood Plain) (Secret Lab, B7-8).
  • You can buy book "Farewell to Man" at Bookstore for 1200 yen.
  • Fusion Forecast: Bonus stats.

Monday 10/10 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Bonus S. Link EXP.
  • There's a bag full of clams inside in the fridge (You left it alone).

Tuesday 10/11 Edit

  • Answer to Ms. Sofue: His height (+ Knowledge).
  • After school time unavailable.

Wednesday 10/12 Edit

  • Answer to Mrs. Nakayama: Two yen (+ Knowledge).
  • Fusion Forecast: Bonus stats.
  • You can make lunch for tomorrow: High

Thursday 10/13 Edit

  • Answer to Ms. Kashiwagi: It speeds up theirs growth (+ Knowledge).
  • Fusion Forecast: None.

Friday 10/14 Edit

*** Your second term midterms begin today and continue until next Thursday.

** Midterms, day one:

  • Question 1: What figure of speech is being used in the statement, "I ate so much that my stomach is gonna explode!". Answer: Hyperbole.
  • Question 2: What happens to plants when thigmomorphogenesis occurs? Answer: The growth speeds up.

Saturday 10/15 Edit

** Midterms, day two:

  • Question 3: Who was the first one to journey around the earth for the first time in human history? Answer: Ferdinand Magellan.
  • Question 4: When was the first time soccer was played in the Olympics? Answer: 1900.

Sunday 10/16 Edit

  • Yosuke will call you for study group. If you decline, you still can make S. Link with Chie, Rise, Kanji, or old lady.
  • Shopping program: Red Battlesuit x1 + Diet Food x 2 = 29800 yen or Physical Mirror x 3 + Magic Mirror x 3 = 19800 yen.
  • Fusion Forecast: Use Justice and Priestess Personas in fusion = Repel Fire added.

Monday 10/17 Edit

** Midterms, day three:

  • Question 5: What nervous system plays a role when shedding tears? Answer: All of the above.
  • Question 6: Which word is the predicate nominative in this sentence: "Mr. Kondo is such a great English teacher.". Answer: teacher.

Tuesday 10/18 Edit

** Midterms, day four:

  • Question 7: How much does it cost to produce a one-yen coin? Answer: Two yen.
  • Question 8: Louis XIV is also known as? Answer: The Sun King.

Wednesday 10/19 Edit

** Midterms, day five:

  • Question 9: Which of the following isn't a kigo for spring? Answer: Sardine.
  • Question 10: What makes salmon meat red? Answer: Shellfish pigment.

Thursday 10/20 Edit

*** It's the last day of the exams.

*** You can make S. Link with Naoto:

  1. Talk to Naoto in Classroom Building 1F.
  2. On 10/21 talk to man in black at the Shopping District, North near Aiya. Pick the first choice (You must have max knowledge).
  3. On 10/22 talk to Naoto (You must have max courage).

*** You have only one month to make S. Link with Naoto. So, do it as much as you can.

  • Fusion Forecast: None.
  • Evening time not available.

Friday 10/21 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Use a Persona of the Empress Arcana in fusion = Bonus stats, S. Link EXP.

Saturday 10/22 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Bonus stats.

Sunday 10/23 Edit

  • Chie will call you to hang out. If you declined, you still can make S. Link with Yukiko, Rise, Kanji, Yosuke, or old lady.
  • Shopping program: Pure Assassin x 1 + Diet Food x 2 = 29800 yen or Chest Key x 2 + Prize Sticker x 5 = 6800 yen.
  • Fusion Forecast: Bonus S. Link EXP.

Monday 10/24 Edit

*** The second midterm test result posted.

  • Fusion Forecast: None.
  • Talk to Nanako if you get the highest score. You will get Bead Ring.
  • Talk to your uncle if you get the highest score. You will get 50000 yen.
  • There's a brown spherical object in the depths of the fridge (+ Courage, but you will go to bet early).

Tuesday 10/25 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Create the Persona Garuda = Bonus stats, S. Link EXP, Spell Master added.
  • You can make Savory Grilled Fish for lunch tomorrow. Pick "Strong heat but from far away".

Wednesday 10/26 Edit

  • Fusion Forecast: Skill change.

Thursday 10/27 Edit

  • After school time not available.

Friday 10/28 Edit

  • After school time not available.

Saturday 10/29 Edit

*** The first day of the Culture Festival.

Sunday 10/30 Edit

*** The second day of the Culture Festival.

Monday 10/31 Edit

  • Quest 40: Experiment in Telepathy, Part 2 (Conditions: Quest 29 & 38 cleared). In case you don't meet the conditions, you can accept this quest on 11/17.
  • Fusion Forecast: Skill change.
  • Evening time not available.

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