Name Where HP SP Phys Fire Ice


Wind Light Dark Skills Drops
Slipping Hablerie Twisted Shopping District 40 35 ? ? ? Wk ? ? ? N/A Medicine
Shadow Yosuke

Twisted Shopping District

300 200 Str ? ? Wk ? Nul Nul

Wind of Oblivion

Power Charge

Lying Hablerie

Yukiko's Castle 1F

73 51 - Str Wk Wk - - - N/A Big Incisor
Calm Pesce Yukiko's Castle 1F 82 23 Str - Nul - Wk - - N/A Idea Paper
Trance Twins Yukiko's Castle 3-5F 70 22 Str Wk Nul Nul Nul Nul Nul Mabufu

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